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Welcome to Medico Testing Solutions

MTS is a specialist company that is expert at providing an extensive range of comprehensive audiological assessments in order to identify noise induced hearing loss (NIHL) and verify the degree of hearing loss in those clients that may have been at risk of acquiring an occupational hearing loss.

We pride ourselves by nurturing a reputation that applies our skills into improving productivity to reduce waste and duplication. Our innovative approach ensures clients are triaged and assessed at their initial appointment to determine the most appropriate assessment pathway.

At Medico Testing Solutions we employ a team of qualified audiologists who are specialised in all aspects of medico-legal testing to provide a high quality assessment service. All assessments are conducted in accordance with BSA recommended best practice and guidelines.

About NIHL

Key facts about Noise Induced hearing Loss or NIHL (Source: HSE)

  • Hearing loss caused by work is a significant occupational disease
  • NIHL has the highest number of civil claims accounting for 75% of all occupational disease claims
  • NIHL is caused by prolonged and repeated exposure to loud noise

Quality and control comes as standard


At Medico Testing Solutions we understand that audiology testing in medico-legal cases demands the highest degree of testing accuracy, which is completely impartial and evidence based.


All hearing assessments are conducted in appropriately sound treated rooms or such that ambient noise levels are compliant with the national standards.


Our assessments include subjective diagnostic audiometry testing and the gold standard advanced electrophysiological procedure, Cortical Evoked Response Audiometry (CERA).


Our diagnostic examinations are available throughout the UK. We maintain a flexible service provision so can establish clinics to undertake audiometry testing wherever demand dictates.


Medico Testing Solutions utilises state of the art Proclaim case management software at the heart of our processes.

Our Claims / Medico Legal case management software is highly sophisticated which promotes seamless workflow with client administration, reporting and document production.

This is underpinned with a powerful database, claim progress tracking and an automated patient bookings system.

Experience and Professional Standards

Medico Testing Solutions is a genuine specialist diagnostic company providing a comprehensive Audiometry testing service to the medico –legal industry. Our credentials are an amalgamation of professional knowledge, quality staffing provision and long standing clinical experience within Audiological services.

We offer a highly efficient and flexible service provision, able to successfully provide the full scope of diagnostic audiometry testing throughout the entirety of the UK. Harnessing the skill and professionalism of our national team of qualified audiologists and leading specialists within the healthcare arena we pride ourselves on the delivery of highly accurate diagnostic audiometry testing and truly exceptional levels of service.

Expert knowledge, Expert opinion

Zena Butt - Head of Professional Services

Zena has 30 years experience within Audiology predominantly at a senior level. Since 1990 Zena has specialised in complex diagnostic audiology assessments and treatments, including auditory evoked potentials and held the position of Head of Adult Diagnostic and Neuro-otology Services at the Royal National Throat, Nose and Ear Hospital in London till 2014.

She is a registered assessor with the United Kingdom Accreditation Service for their Improving Quality Physiological Services (IQIPS) Programme and is also a National Clinical Leadership Fellow.

In 2013 Zena successfully completed a Master’s in Business Administration.

Zena Butt

MTS Audiological services

Pure Tone Audiometry

Audiometry is a method of assessing or measuring hearing acuity for variations in sound intensity and pitch and for tonal purity. This is done by presentation of pure tones to each ear at specific frequencies. Typically, audiometric tests determine a subject's hearing levels, but may also measure ability to discriminate between different sound intensities, recognize pitch, or distinguish speech from background noise.

To support the diagnosis of NIHL, a full audiometry test must be undertaken using specialist equipment known as an audiometer. This procedure must be conducted by a qualified Audiologist to obtain reliable diagnosis.

Please view our live clinic calendar for availability or email; for pricing info or to book an appointment.

Complex Assessment Services

In addition to our subjective pure tone audiometry assessment service, MTS provides alternative objective assessment methods which can be used to measure the way the hearing system is working, supporting the validity of pure tone audiometry results. This can be particularly helpful in medico-legal assessment.

Zena Butt our clinical lead is highly experienced in delivering a full range of specialist diagnostic audiological investigations and objective tests, which include;

• Cortical Evoked Response Audiometry (CERA)
• Auditory Brainstem Response (ABR)
• Otoacoustic Emissions (OAEs)
• Speech Audiometry
• Acoustic Admittance Measurements

CERA is the definitive gold standard test of hearing status and serves to eliminate any uncertainty over the accuracy of pure tone audiometry results.

For more information or to book a CERA test please call; 020 7045 3361

The Healthy Hearing Program

HearingCoach > Preventative Hearing healthcare

The Healthy Hearing Programme is a so-called ‘Hearing Conservation Programme (HCP)’. Our aim is to positively influence employees’ attitude towards wearing hearing protection and motivate them to be responsible for maintaining their own hearing levels.

Our qualified professionals will help you assess potential risks and implement a preventive hearing care strategy based on 4 objectives:

1. Sound 2. Hearing 3. Hearing protection 4. Behaviour

A detailed written report is prepared for the management team. In addition, an easy on-line step-by step reporting package is made available. If appropriate, staff can also access their personal data.

MTS has been selected as the sole UK agent for HearingCoach. For more info please call 020 7045 3360 or click here to download our brochure, or visit;

Recent CJC Report on NIHL is Game Changing!

The recent report produced by the CJC provides a new beginning where the audiologist is now the expert. Why incur additional costs associated with an ENT involvment?

As outlined in the report “the claimant group acknowledged that in a case where liability is not in dispute and where there are no other unusual factors, the evidence of a suitably qualified audiologist would be sufficient to validate the level of NIHL and evidence of tinnitus”

“The proposal of the working party is therefore that in a case where the defendant admits breach within the protocol procedures and does not then dispute causation or limitation, the claimant will produce the report of an audiologist as the basis for settlement negotiations rather than incurring the additional cost of an ENT surgeon's report”


It is estimated that 80% of all NIHL claims will be dealt with using this new process.

MTS is already an established, experienced and approved provider - for more information please contact us on 0207 045 3360 or email on

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